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Injured in a Car or Truck Accident?

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At Raymon Law Group, We Strive To Obtain The Best Results for our Clients. If you were Injured in an Accident, we will fight for the Results you deserve.

Our team of Personal Injury attorney will file a Claim against anyone who hurt you, so you can get the money you need to get better. You should never have to pay your own Medical Bills and other expenses when the Accident was someone else’s fault.

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An Automobile Crash can happen at any time when you’re out driving. Even when you take all the right precautions, you can’t account for the Careless actions of others.

In addition to everything you’re dealing with after an accident, Insurance Companies can be very difficult. And they’ll do everything they can to prevent you from getting a fair settlement – delay tactics, lowball offers, and blaming you for their own client’s reckless behavior.

Our Personal Injury Team at Raymon Law Group knows how to stand up to the Big Insurance Companies and Win. In fact, we can usually get you a fair deal without going to trial. But we’re always prepared to take the other side to court if they aren’t willing to make a reasonable offer.

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    Personal injury litigation may seem “straightforward” initially, but as the investigation develops, so too do the legal complications.

    Car Accidents

    Car Accidents

    Looking for Best Car Accident Attorney in New Mexico? We specialize in getting you Maximum Auto Accident Compensation.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Looking for Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in New Mexico? Contact Raymon Law Group at (505) 390-1040 for Expert Assistance.

    Truck Accidents

    Truck Accidents

    Injured in an Albuquerque Truck Accident? Contact Raymon Law Group at (505) 390-1040 to speak with a New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney you can trust.

    Bicycle Accident

    Bicycle Accident

    By choosing the right Bicycle Accident Attorney in Albuquerque, cyclists can enhance their chances of obtaining the Compensation they deserve.

    Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death Claims in New Mexico is a legal means to seek justice for your loved one and Compensation for your family. Call (505) 390-1040

    Slip and falls

    Slip and falls

    When it comes to Slip and Fall Accidents, property owners must be held responsible. Contact Raymon Law Group at (505) 390-1040 for expert assistance.
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    In his years of extensive Legal Experience, Mr. Raymon has handled a wide array of cases, always striving to provide the best service to his clients.

    With Personal Injury matters, his Primary focus is obtaining the most Compensation for his clients and ensuring they are provided with the Best Medical Treatment possible. If the case does not settle, Mr. Raymon will always be prepared to continue your Personal Injury Matter to Litigation if elected by the client.

    He additionally prides himself as an Attorney willing to fight in the end for you. Mr. Raymon will always be prepared to take your case to Trial if elected by the client.

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    A Personal Injury Case arises when a Person is Injured due to another party’s Negligence or Wrongful Actions. It can involve various types of accidents, from Car Crashes to Slip and Falls.

    In New Mexico, you generally have three years from the date of the Injury to file a Personal Injury Claim. This time frame is known as the Statute of Limitations.

    New Mexico follows a comparative Negligence rule. This means that if you are partially at Fault for the Accident, your Compensation may be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault.

    In a Personal Injury Case, you can typically seek compensation for Medical Expenses, Lost Wages, Property Damage, Pain and Suffering, and other Losses related to the Accident.

    The duration of a Personal Injury Case can vary widely, depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, negotiations, and court procedures. Some cases may be resolved in a few months, while others can take several years.