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Defending Clients in New Mexico’s Criminal Courts
Types of Cases We Handle
Penalties You Can Face in New Mexico
Why You Should Trust a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Defending Clients in New Mexico’s Criminal Courts

Here in New Mexico, we pride ourselves on being upstanding citizens who obey the law, but we should never forget that just one mistake or misunderstanding can put us on the wrong side of the criminal justice system. While we trust the courts to be fair and objective, some laws are harsh, over-punishing innocent people in bad situations. But you should always remember that you have a right to an attorney and deserve strong representation to protect your future.

If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Albuquerque, do not hesitate to contact Raymon Law Group. Our Albuquerque criminal defense attorneys can use their skill, knowledge, and experience to build a strong defense against your charges. We can explain your rights in a free consultation and break down the options you have. To get started, call our office at (505) 390-1040.

Types of Cases We Handle

The criminal defense team at Raymon Law Group is proud to serve the community and advocate for your best interests. We have an in-depth understanding of New Mexico’s criminal justice system and work hard to achieve positive results for our clients.

Our Albuquerque criminal defense lawyers can fight for you in cases involving:

No matter what you have been charged with, you have a right to an attorney and a strong legal defense. Never speak to the police or admit to anything without consulting the criminal defense team at Raymon Law Group. We can sit down with you in a free, confidential meeting and discuss your case.

Penalties You Can Face in New Mexico

In most states, criminal charges are divided into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies.

Misdemeanors are minor offenses, such as petty theft or DUIs. With misdemeanors, defendants typically face a maximum of one year in a county jail and up to $1,000 in court fines, but they may be eligible for alternative sentencing, such as probation, community service, counseling, or a diversion program.

Felonies, on the other hand, apply to serious crimes such as homicide, rape, and grand theft, and come with equally harsh penalties. A felony conviction can result in life in a New Mexico state prison, up to $10,000 in fines, the loss of voting rights, being banned from owning a firearm, and having to report your conviction to future employers and on rental applications. There are also fewer options for alternative sentencing, and probation can be far stricter.

New Mexico has complex sentencing guidelines and classifications for misdemeanors and felonies. In New Mexico, as in most states, felonies are serious crimes that may be punished by a year or more in prison. In contrast, misdemeanors in New Mexico carry a potential punishment of less than a year in local jail.

For purposes of sentencing, New Mexico categorizes felonies into five groups: capital felonies and first-, second-, third-, and fourth-degree felonies. But the category of a felony isn’t the only thing that determines the sentence you’ll receive if you’re convicted. Other factors that could affect your sentence include your criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the crime.

In each of these cases, you need a strong defense to beat the charges against you. At Raymon Law Group, we provide aggressive, diligent, and thorough legal representation to our clients, no matter the charge they are facing. If you bring your case to us, we can explain how serious the case is against you and develop a game plan about how to have your charges reduced or dropped.

Why You Should Trust a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

New Mexico district attorneys have made it their goals to stomp out crime wherever they can find it, but these zealous goals should never put innocent people at risk of serving prison sentences. While you do have the right to a public defender, they are often overworked and unable to give each case the time it deserves. If you enter a courtroom with only a public defender at your side, you may find yourself on the wrong side of a jail cell for a simple mistake.

Instead, contact Raymon Law Group. The criminal justice system in New Mexico is complex, and you should only trust your case to an experienced attorney with the skill to thoroughly investigate your case. We understand the full consequences of a criminal conviction, including the impact it could have on your reputation. If you bring your case to us, we will aggressively advocate for your best interests.

At Raymon Law Group, our Albuquerque criminal defense lawyers can:

Do not wait. The prosecution has already started building the case against you. Call Raymon Law Group today at (505) 390-1040 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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