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Do “Beware of Dog” Signs Affect Dog Bite Cases in NM?

While dogs are meant to be our companions, they can sometimes be very dangerous. Cases of people bitten by dogs sustaining serious injuries are rampant. When you are injured due to a dog bite and take legal action against the owner, they will try to defend themselves in many ways. One of the strategies they can use to defend themselves is by using a “beware of dog sign.” Dog and property owners tend to use the sign as a defense and try to blame the victim for the incident. So, does the “beware of dog” sign affect personal injury cases? What should you do when injured in a dog bite incident? Read on to find out!

How the “Beware of Dog” Sign Affects the Case

The “beware of dog” sign doesn’t affect a dog bite case in New Mexico. The existence of this sign doesn’t in any way mean you will not be compensated for the damages suffered. Warning signs are only meant to let people know a guard dog is around.

In most cases, dog and property owners tell the court that it is the victim’s responsibility to avoid the area after seeing the sign. This forms the basis of their argument. They can argue that the victim was aware of the impending danger but still chose to remain in the area.

Some defenses can go further and accuse you of provoking the dog. It is important that you respond to such accusations with a strong punch, one which experienced dog bite attorneys offer.

In some cases, dog bite victims are not necessarily outsiders or intruders. For instance, a pizza delivery driver or a mailman delivering mail to a home with aggressive dogs can get bitten. The “beware of dogs” cannot stop them from doing their job.

Besides, if you are a guest in a home with aggressive dogs, the owner is liable for any dog bite injuries you sustain. This means that if you are rightfully on the property, whether as an invited guest or doing deliveries, you can file for dog bite damages irrespective of the “beware of dog” warning sign.

Dog Bite Injury Compensation

If you sustain injuries after a dog bite, you may have the right to get compensated. Dog bite injuries cause a wide range of damages that could change your life significantly. For instance, severe injuries will affect your ability to work, and you might lose your income. Some of the common complications caused by dog bites include:

What to Do When Attacked by a Dog

Dogs can be dangerous and might cause severe injuries. If a dog attacks you, the significant risk of damage gives you the right to protect yourself. The first thing you should do after such an incident is to seek medical treatment right away. You should do so even if you feel fine after the attack. This is necessary because some dog bite injuries take time to start showing. After seeking professional treatment, get in touch with a New Mexico personal injury attorney. A lawyer will help you file for damages and seek compensation for all the losses you have incurred.

Get Legal Help from Us

If you have sustained dog bite injuries in New Mexico, our experienced dog bite attorneys at Raymon Law Group are here to help. We have experience handling such cases and know what it takes to increase your chances of getting satisfactory compensation. Call (505) 390-1040 today to schedule your consultation!

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